Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why It's Already a Terrific Tuesday

I haven't taken a 6am workout class since my kids were little. So this morning at 5:55am, I had happy flashbacks to those precious days. And I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates to boot. I can tell this uber-focused routine is going to retrain muscles I've neglected for years, and hopefully get the foot I broke last year back in line.

My colleague and co-host of our tv mom blog, The Real Botox Diaries, has been in Arizona reporting on Spring Training for almost 2 weeks. How I have missed that zany Gina Miller! Thankfully, I found this "Terrific Tuesday" edition I failed to post before she left! 

I laughed out loud watching it. So I hope it makes you smile--and maybe even think a little.

We discuss the careers we still hope to explore one day, which after my class this morning, may now include opening a pilates/physical therapy studio of my own. That's how fired up I am about staying healthy as I age. 

When your mother dies of Parkinson's at age 60, you really appreciate strength and agility. I hope to make up for her short life--and be a crazy fun and loving influence in my kids' and their kids' lives forever.

Tell me, what do you hope to do one day?

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