Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So You Want To Be a Star?

In my spare time during my college freshman year in Nashville, I would actually drive around the ritzy neighborhoods hoping to run into Amy Grant. Not kidding. That's how badly I wanted to meet and work with the contemporary Christian/pop superstar.

So imagine the thrill when my BFF, a production coordinator at the time, got me a gig as a production assistant on Grant's video shoot for "Grown-up Christmas List." There I was at 18 years old, standing in the kitchen, chatting and sneaking MnM's with Amy Grant. Imagine my thrill!

Music has always been a life-long passion of mine. I'm drawn to fellow music lovers and have a deep need for regular concert outings with friends.

So when I met record executive Lee Leipsner with my youngest son at a Cowboys game, it was pretty darn cool to hear Lee's personal tales about some of my favorite musical groups.
Last year Leipsner was promoted to Senior Vice President of Promotions at Columbia Records. When my boss at CBS11 was scouring for a cool tie-in to the Grammy Awards this year, Leipsner graciously agreed to tape an interview with us and share some of his insight, especially in regards to what it takes to make it in the music business.

I know there are other music-lovers out there with dreams like mine when I was young, aspiring artists hungry for any nugget of information to move them one step further.

So kids, talented musicians, struggling artists ...this is for you.

As Leipsner's own story proves, dreams really do come true.

My little sister Tiffany and I with Lee Leipsner, Senior Vice President of Promotions at Columbia Records.

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