Friday, August 23, 2013

Tracy & Tammy's 4 O'clock Folo

Tammy & I taping our vlog in the CBS11 lobby
What do you get when you put two chatty blondes together in front of an ipad and hit record?

As CBS11 traffic reporter Tammy Dombeck and I have proven, you get one hot mess of unscripted girl-talk.

The two of us truly enjoy working together and are similar what-you-see-on-tv-is-what-you-get-in- real-life kind of girls. So we started video blogging after our 4pm news hour on CBS11. The vlog is posted on our station website and mentioned a time or two during the newscast.

Much to our surprise, “Tracy & Tammy’s 4 O’Clock Follo” appears to be a hit!

The content is sparked by a few of the news stories that elicit the most comments & quips from our peanut gallery, a.k.a. our studio floor crew.  (One of these days, you WILL meet Johnny Prompter.) We plan to have guests have join us down the road in case one of us is on vacation or if the fabulous  @ThatSportsGirl, Gina Miller, is in the building. That sports anchor is a social media/blogging QUEEN.

But most days it’ll just be Tracy & Tammy, blah blah blah’ing about the stuff we women like to talk about.

Seriously, who can’t use a good laugh every day?

At the very least, you will laugh AT us.

We’re good with that.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Little Luke," My Seven-foot Son

School pictures have always cracked me up.
Especially my son Luke's.
And especially in middle school, when his picture was snapped right after P.E. class, his unkempt hair caked with sweat. 

In high school Luke refused to take senior pictures like the rest of the boys and girls, whose parents paid a fancy photographer to capture their kid in "candid photos," posing against brick walls and rusted out pick-up trucks.

In fact, all I have is the picture marked "PROOF" in his cap and gown.

My boy Luke as an official Vanderbilt Commodore
So when Luke texted us his most recent official photo, his first as a Vanderbilt Commodore basketball player, I was over the moon.

There stood my little boy, hair actually in place, stretched so tall, his head was cut off on my phone.

I absolutely ADORE this picture.

I love his sweet baby face looking all serious, perched atop his 6'11" frame.

I love that he's wearing the wrong number on his jersey, as it's the only uniform that fit him for the photo shoot. (He plans to wear #3 during these college years.)

I am absolutely thrilled, imagining the future this kid has ahead of him.

Oh, Luke. How I love you.

I hope you never change a thing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tracy's Take-aways

For almost 7 years Lisa and I would meet for coffee a couple of times a month near my Chandler, Arizona home.

We connect at the heart level and continue to help each other grow in our professional lives, something that makes our friendship unique.

So when Lisa invited me to Willow Creek Association's Global Leadership Summit, hosted by the Mesa church her husband pastors, I was all in.

For two full days last week, we listened to a dozen different lectures on life, learning, relationships, and how it all affects leadership.

I had eagerly anticipated Dr.Brene Brown's topic "Daring Greatly" and was not disappointed when this woman, made world famous after her Ted Talk went viral, spoke about "The 3 Irreducible Needs of People."

I was delighted by the content and delivery of one Patrick Lencioni, who nailed his topic, "How to Lose Your Best People."

And I marveled at celebrity speakers General Colin Powell and Mark Burnett, executive producer of Survivor, The Voice, and The Bible

I love to learn.

It is why I love my career so much.

And it is one of my five core needs, something else Lisa helped me identify last week during our time together.

The Summit is something I will likely attend yearly from now on, as it is exponentially more meaningful with my girlfriend Lisa, laughing and note-taking at my side.

Since you may have missed out this year, here are some of my personal highlights from the conference.

Global Leadership Summit 2013: Lead Where You Are

*How to Lose Your Best People--Anonymity, Irrelevance, & Immeasurement (Patrick Lencioni):

      Good people don't want to work for a company where they're not known.

      Managers should share what your job means to the organization.

      People need a way to know they're doing a good job.

      Money is just a "satisfier." These 3 are "drivers."

*A good leader infects his people with perpetual optimism (Gen. Colin Powell)

 *Good leaders multiply the intelligence and capability of those around them. (Liz Wiseman)

  We must ask ourselves, "How might I, with the best possible intentions, be shutting down our best people and be accidental diminishers?"

 *Choose your companions before you choose your road. (Mark Burnett)

 *3 Irreducible Needs of People: To be seen & loved, to belong, to be brave. (Dr. Brene Brown)

  The #1 reason people give for leaving an organization: feedback. People feel unseen.

   You can choose courage or choose comfort, but you can't have both. 
  To be courageous, you must have 2 things:

   1. absolute clarity of your values (for me, that's love, family, faith, adventure, and intellectual stimulation)

   2. someone who loves you despite your imperfections

*Dr. Brene Brown's definition of love, based on 1500 pieces of data from her research:

    Letting ourselves be deeply seen and known with trust, kindness, affection, and respect.

           It is something that's grown and nurtured.

           It is something that's cultivated between two people only when there is self-love already present.

           Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the absence of affection damage love at the very root.
Hope these concepts give you a little something to think (and comment) about!






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