Monday, October 27, 2014

Where Have You Been, Tracy?

The blogging well's been running a little dry lately.

Time to prime the pump and give it a whirl.

I've been working in Nashville for 6 weeks now, almost a full month on-air.

And while I've experienced some serious ups and downs, I am happy to report I am definitely on the upswing.

There is something about a two-minute commute to work, a one-minute drive to Pilates, and a three-mile jaunt to the state's top shopping area that really puts a girl in a good mood. 

Couple that with a gorgeous wooded walking trail right across the street--and wonderful childhood friends to walk it with--and I have much to smile about.

Meeting up with the adorable Andrea from Dallas in Knoxville
On the work front, I feel like I'm growing again. Sinking my teeth into fresh topics in a community that truly cares about its local news. I feel enthusiastic and inspired.

Tailgate Tri-Deltas at Vanderbilt Reunion Weekend
I also feel nourished by the wonderful people all around me. 

Almost every weekend I've seen nearby family members and old friends. 

Keeneland with Luke, Frank, & Lucky Uncle John
in nearby Lexington, Kentucky

I've enjoyed coffee and cocktails with new co-workers.

Investigative Reporter
Kim Curth is the bomb!
The talented morning reporter Anne McCloy!

And boy, am I planning ahead to the upcoming basketball season!

Look out for Luke this season, folks!

My darling, athletic daughter, Nicole, off...
...and on the court!

I can't believe I'll get to see Luke play every home game--even during the week! Hallelujah!

My heart is leaping out of my chest just typing it.

But I must be honest: It's taken me several weeks--and lots of tears--to get here. 

Trust me. If you, too, are in the middle of major change, please know it WILL get better. 

Remember your reasons for change in the first place.

Keep the faith,  Whether you call it inner wisdom, a still, small voice, or your gut instinct--just TRUST. 

Your tears, too, will soon turn to joy.


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