Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nashville News

Why I feel the need to blog about something bigger than the 5 for $5 Chobani yogurts at Sprouts yesterday, I do not know.

Colleagues advise all the time, "Just BLOG. People will read anything!"

I think anyone taking time to read this thing deserves a little more than that.
So today I'm forcing myself to not only write about the mundane, but also what typically inspires a Tracy blog: travel, kids, girlfriends, or a fabulous book I'm learning from.

Last weekend I got a healthy dose of all four when I took a day off to visit my youngest son in Nashville.

Hanging in the hotel room with my Luke
Not because Luke misses me, but because I totally miss him and the energy that swirls around his bright eyes and bushy eyebrows (off of which I trimmed a good 5 pounds, I might add. For grooming reasons alone, I must pay that boy regular visits!).

The kid amazes me.

First, he gave me his ENTIRE Saturday, an extremely generous act, considering most college kids want to hang with friends and watch college football.

Second, he has grown another inch! He says he's now the tallest athlete on the team.

Third, he loves most of his professors. And nothing makes me happier than to hear my child is not only enjoying learning, but enjoying the adults teaching him.

The weekend was also a college reunion.

I got a chance to catch up with a childhood girlfriend from Tampa-turned-Vanderbilt-sorority-sister, who has her doctorate in Astronomy.

The girl is brilliant!

I also got to see several of the awesome guys from 1988 & 1989 who made up one of the greatest basketball teams in Vanderbilt history.

'88-89 Media Guide: Goheen, Booker & Kornet
Barry Goheen, Barry Booker, Will Purdue, and Frank Kornet still got it, baby!

They beat out dozens of basketball legends and other pro athletes in a Naismith Awards golf tournament. Go 'Dores!

Finally, I started and finished the book "Lean In" by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sanberg. FABULOUS.

What a surprisingly relatable woman, presenting eye-opening research and personal tales.

The studies she references should quell the guilt in every working parent and empower every stay-at-home one, male or female.

Should be a must-read, especially for women and daughters.

I am tempted to create a book club, so we can break down each concept and celebrate the evolution of men's and women's roles in America.

So far, so good on the stimulation scale since this empty nest thing started.

I just may grow to like this stage.






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