Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Favorite Finds

Need a good laugh?

Just watch some of the Real Botox Diaries Gina Miller and I are doing together.

We tape these vlogs at the station and insist they be unrehearsed, relatively stream-of-consciousness, and not rushed like our television segments demand.

I am cracking up watching the "Wonderful Wednesday" edition in which we apply lip gloss like 12-year-olds. Gina is making my day demonstrating this tasty, affordable, neutral product that she stocks up on like toilet paper.

She also hypes her favorite energy bar, found here in her fabulous blog.

I celebrate Runyon's, a spectacular family-owned furnishings & accessories store I recently discovered in Roanoke, Texas.
Think The Arrangement and Hemispheres--but with better prices, sprinkled with custom pieces by local artists.

Here are a couple of my favorite finds, which are SO much prettier in person.

Tapestry, chenille and leather half-moon sofa; 
Custom wood-carved Bible verse plaque on iron pedestal--incredible personalized gift I mention in vlog; 
and my chunky iron firescreen.


By the way, never heard of Roanoke? It's just northwest of Southlake and southwest of Flower Mound, near a recently refurbished shopping area featuring Babe's Fried Chicken and Twisted Root.

Make a day of your shopping adventure. You can't go wrong.

At the very least, watch Gina & I in our latest edition of the Real Botox Diaries.


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