Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The One Thing Doing Me In

Morning shows are SO much fun. But they are not for everyone.

I've anchored mornings twice in my 19 years of television: first in Lexington, Kentucky and again in Phoenix, Arizona right after 9-11. It's a massive understatement to tell you I was thrilled to move to Dallas and work a "normal" shift again.

I believe we truly underestimate the power of sleep on one's body, mind, and psyche.

So as much as I LOVE these 6am Pilates classes I'm taking right now, I am seriously feeling the effects of a sleep cycle that isn't quite working for me.

Today I slept past 8am, and I feel like a completely alive human being! I am happy and hopeful and truly rested. I believe I won't even need to find a closet at the station for a power nap before the 4pm news. (Yes, I seriously curled up in a closet last week using some random person's fleece jacket as a pillow. I was that tired.)

I might even fall asleep tonight in my bed instead of on the couch with my face washed!

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have the stamina to tape a Real Botox Diaries blog with Gina Miller today!

Oh, the beauty of sleep. It makes me so grateful I had children in my 20s, and extremely sympathetic to all of you 40-something sleep-deprived parents.

Guess it all goes back to balance. This girl needs exercise and sleep. Equal parts. Equally important.

Alas, I DID have the energy to blog with Gina Miller today in this Welcome Back Wednesday edition of The Real Botox Diaries!

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