Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jay Gruden: Proud to Say We Knew Him When

Jay Gruden/courtesy CBS

My high school quarterback, Jay Gruden, was named head coach of the Washington Redskins today.
There’s something awfully cool seeing a childhood classmate make it big like this.

Our Tampa, Florida public high school was massive. Several of our classmates have emerged celebrities: actor Robert Gant, drummer/D.J. Ravi Jakhotia, Florida Representative Karen Castor, celebrity pharmacist Lauren Fallieras among them.
My Alma Mater in Tampa, Florida

                                                     (Lauren, you have always been a star!)

Yet there’s something about the enormity of and seemingly universal love for sport that makes Jay Gruden’s promotion extra special.

Jay’s made it to the top. He's not an accessory to his big brother. Jay is the head coach of his own NFL team. And perhaps we feel that somehow, he's taken a part of us high school hooligans with him. 
Way to go, Jay.
Your Chamberlain Chiefs are rooting you on!
High school-era Jay Gruden

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