Monday, July 1, 2013

The Newsroom Thief

It sucks to have someone steal from you.
It hurts even worse when it's a co-worker.
And it's doubly painful when it follows a few hours on a natural high.

Yesterday, after filling on the 10pm news, I saw that someone had stolen the gift a friend sent me in honor of my son's high school graduation.

I had left the large, rectangular gift box on my desk, covered in my typical piles of paperwork, notes, and scripts, trusting I had no reason to doubt the wonderful people with whom I work.

But alas, someone swiped it.

I've been broken-hearted ever since. Could barely sleep last night. Felt depressed from the moment I woke up. Have felt bummed out all day.

I'm trying to shake my sheer disappointment in mankind. And I'm even more afraid of what I'll find when I go through the last few days of security surveillance tape. I hope the suspect is not a good friend of mine. That will really hurt.

I am especially sad that this desktop robbery followed some of the most joyful hours I've experienced in a long time.

My radio friend Andrea and I hosted a workshop for young women to help them hone their presentation and public speaking skills, before they head off to college and beyond.

These girls were such a delight--and so gifted! The tips and skills I hope they soaked up will serve them well down the road. Their one requirement is to share what they learned with at least one other girl, to help build her confidence.

The evening with these eager, energetic girls reminded me of my high school years and the many adults I clung to for encouragement, support, and belief in my talents. I feel forever indebted to my choir and English teachers and my many surrogate parents around the country.

It's crazy how a kid can find what she needs from a variety of sources, if and when her family falls short. At least I did. It's probably why I become extremely attached to my co-workers. As a counselor once told me, I need a lot of love back from the people I work with and care about, in whatever I do.

Which is why this newsroom robbery feels so personal.

Please, thief, if you're reading this, put that black box back on my desk. No questions asked.

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  1. Wow Tracy, what a shame. I hope the security tape reveals who is the thief. Better yet, I hope they fire that person when caught. You don't need to be working with people like that!!! It's an empty feeling and a feeling of being violated when something gets stolen.


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