Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What? He's Becoming a Priest?!

I haven't enjoyed the reaction to a story like this since my feature on the 55-year-old grandmother trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

And the topic couldn't be more different.

Brett Metzler, future priest
The strong response this time is to the story of Brett Metzler, a 20-year-old, former Athlete of the Year at Liberty Christian School in Argyle, who left Texas A&M after his freshman year to join the priesthood--and how the number of young men joining the priesthood is WAY up across the country.

The story is the most shared on our station website with 6,000 likes so far.

And yesterday I received an email from a Mrs. Judith Verrier in the archdiocese of Washington, confirming the same thing is happening there:

Dear Ms. Kornet,

Thank you sincerely for your recent article on seminarians and the priesthood, which casts a positive light on all that is good about the Catholic priesthood.  I can attest that the topic of your story is true:  there are currently 25 men studying at this seminary for our archdiocese (there are a total of 74 seminarians which includes our seminary, and 3 others in our archdiocese).  Our seminary is currently under construction – we’re building 2 more floors to accommodate 20 more seminarians!
Sure, any time one's work resonates with others always feels good. But it's especially rewarding when it's the result of a young person with a pure heart for serving others, who is not only listening for but responding to what he believes is God's calling for his life.

What a rare thing to see in this day and age! And what a rare opportunity--afforded me by my television station--to fly to New Orleans and tell Brett Metzler's story.

If you missed it, click here for the full story. And feel free to keep "liking" if the Spirit moves you.



  1. Tracy,

    Greetings from Italy, Rome to be exact! Thanks for telling "our" story. It is really beautiful and rewarding for a young person to serve God and others.

    I just happen to be a "newbie priest", ordained less than six months ago. Pretty amazing. You'll have to come visit Rome sometime!

    Count on my prayers, Fr. Mark

    1. Well, congratulations, Father! Pretty sweet gig for a recently ordained priest! Hope you are enjoying Rome...and so happy you enjoyed the story. It was an honor telling it.


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