Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Cure for Stupid

The brain research we report preaches it all the time: Use it or lose it.

Not only have I been absolutely bored lately, but I've been feeling dumb.
Like my once relatively sharp brain has turned to pudding.

See, I can't even come up with a creative or witty metaphor!

So yesterday I pulled into the place with the cure for stupid.

I visited my neighborhood library.

I admit it. I looked like a grandma. A crazy grandma.

I actually walked the library aisles audibly muttering: "Tracy, what's speaking to you right now? What do you need to read?"

I grabbed only the titles that made my heart flutter. Didn't want to overthink it.

Six books and two books-on-tape later, I drove straight home, showered, put on my PJ's, and spent the evening rebuilding my diminishing brain cells.

The library is serious brain crack.

For the first time in months, I woke up today early and energized.

I poured my first cup of coffee, went straight to the family room couch, and read some more.

Felt so alive to be learning something new, so awakened by fresh ideas, I darted off to Zumba class.

I swear, my stimulated brain is waking up the rest of me.

Better wrap this blog, as an utterly inspiring book-on-tape by Beth Moore awaits on my typically interminable commute home.

Honk if you see me smiling on 1-35!

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  1. I have to remember to "wake up" my brain sometimes, too. I catch myself just rolling through some days on Autopilot.


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