Monday, March 18, 2013

Christmas in March

My Daughter & I: Top-down Drive to Dallas
This weekend felt like Christmas.

It's actually been that long since I had all three kids under my roof at the same time.

I was not expecting it to feel so different, so full, and so fun.

The reunion began Friday night after the 10pm news, when I picked up Luke at DFW from his school mission trip to El Salvador.
Nicole was unexpectedly granted two days off from practice, so she arrived around midnight Friday.
The next afternoon John drove in from Arkansas for a week of spring break.

For the first time in months, the driveway filled with the sounds of basketballs dribbling and kids laughing again.
The behemoth Armada was packed again for Sunday mass, followed by our regular post-church lunch at Chipotle.
Hoops in the Driveway
And by Sunday night, Mama Korn got to sip wine in the driveway, the dog in tow, while watching the kids move from basketball to football to skateboards.

I seriously savored every second, smiling the whole time.

We capped off our family weekend with steak, salad, and lively conversation by the pool. It was such a gorgeous night in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Luke Returns from El Salvador
I have missed my children so very much.

It made me extremely cognizant of the other downside to having children when you're so young yourself: they leave for college before you're ready to let them go!

So I will replay over and over the multiple conversations we shared around the kitchen island: such as John confessing his love for his girl "friend," to which Nicole grossed out; and Nicole and I reminiscing about the days I'd wash her face and brush her teeth for her IN BED, because she was too tired to walk to the bathroom.

I will continue to treasure all of these memories old and new--and pray for many, many more to come.

I must. Because life is so short. I want to seize every single second, especially with the ones who've brought such incredible joy and purpose to mine.

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