Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vacation in...Columbus?

Coach Coale, my Nicole, & the fab Whitney Hand-Jones
It's March Madness, and this Sooner mom is hitting the road, baby.

The University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball team plays Saturday at 11am North Texas time.

I can honestly say I've never been so excited to spend a few cold and dreary vacation days in Columbus, Ohio!

I've gotta tell you, I'm getting quite a kick out of my husband's enthusiasm through this tournament process. During the NCAA selection show Monday night, he was eagerly anticipating each bracket, his blood pressure rising with every pairing announced. He gave me the play-by-play on my cell phone, as I drove home from work.

"I can't believe how excited I'm getting," he laughed. "It's like I'm going through it all over again." Since the man (a former Vanderbilt University & NBA basketball player-turned-high-school-basketball coach) attended every OU home game this season, I knew we had to attend the initial rounds this weekend. This will be Nicole's first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance, something Frank insists one must never take for granted.

"You never know if you'll get this chance again, Tracy."

Thank goodness for just enough frequent flyer miles on American Airlines--and for wonderful co-workers. My boss kindly accommodated my last-minute vacation request, and my colleague Doug graciously agreed to emcee for me Saturday night.

So Mama Korn will be cheering and pacing and hyper-ventilating in the stands Saturday morning. Hopefully Monday night, too. Chances are you'll hear me, if/when my daughter gets a chance to shoot free throws.

"High and soft," you'll hear me shout. Nicole says it's mandatory whenever she's at the line.

I love that phrase almost as much as this rule I long to live by: You don't regret the things you do. You regret the things you don't. This weekend, at least, this mom will have no regrets.


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