Friday, September 5, 2014

The Secret is Out

My last newscast in Texas, 9-4-14

Sometimes you leave a job because it simply stinks.
Sometimes you leave cause you can't stand your boss.
Sometimes you leave because you feel no purpose in what you do.

It's for NONE of those reasons I am leaving CBS11.

With the fabulous teary-eyed Tammy Dombeck

With love and genuine affection for my awesome friends, colleagues, and viewers, after eight amazing years here, it is time to head toward home.

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you will have noticed some recurring themes: I absolutely adore my children; I love my job; and I crave new adventures.

But lately my bubbling joy hasn't been bubbling so much. I've deeply missed the greater sense of purpose my children have added to my life, with the five of us crazy Kornets living in four different states.

So when this happened--the last-minute-head-turning-life-changing miracle, sending our youngest son to our alma mater, Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, a short drive from both of our extended families--it became increasingly clear that it's time to be a family again.

My mom died at 60. We are not promised tomorrow. We must live boldly. Write our own headlines.

North Texas, thank you for 8 awesome years.

I will miss you deeply. I will treasure the memories. And I will feel your love forever.
Tracking in my curlers with the terrifically talented Ram


  1. Tracy, I know you are sad to leave such a wonderful crew.. You are so right, family comes first.. We welcome YOU to Tennessee with open arms.. I know Luke is one happy person.. Cannot wait to have you here in our great state.. We all are hoping to see you on one of the T.V. stations here.. I know Texas is going to miss you..

  2. The 11 Crew is in denial that you are coming back! They sit in your chair!

  3. Patsy, I want to thank you for the welcome!!!! I am honored to live and work here...starting next Tuesday on Channel 4, WSMV. Thank you for writing! xoxo

  4. RIchard, you are hilarious! Thanks for reading and posting on my blog! Honored. :)


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