Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enough is Enough

First promo shoot at the house

I should know better by now that keeping my feelings inside is not a good idea.

I could rattle off several words to describe the roller coaster of emotions I've experienced since moving to Nashville--like excitement, creativity, homesickness, thrill, regret, boredom, and anticipation. I tend to vacillate among them every two hours or so. (My poor husband!)

Our first Vandy football game in at least 20 years!

So today I am determined to count my blessings while blogging, hoping this catharsis will not only clear my mind but get my writing juices flowing again. (I can't wait to start on-air next Tuesday night!)

I told my new boss I'm so used to running around with my hair on fire--scrambling to write stories when the video's in late or racing from shoots in Dallas to the studios in Fort Worth--that I haven't known what to do with myself during these 2-3 weeks of behind-the-scenes transition in Tennessee.

I swear, I almost exploded with joy just doing a run-through last night!

It's given me great compassion for the unemployed. It's also giving me even more motivation to encourage all of my mom (and dad) friends to make sure your circle is large and your hobbies are meaningful once your kids leave the nest.  What a Catch 22--the more involved we are as parents, the more difficult it can be to live without our children's energy and the purpose they provide! (Or is that just crazy Tracy talk? Someone tell me the truth!)

The joy of my heart; the light in my eyes; the cream in my coffee!
Luke, Nicole & John

As for the blessings since moving to Music City? Lest I make anyone throw up in their mouth, let me just say it has been profoundly beautiful to visit with old friends and drive down familiar streets, especially knowing my youngest child is 4 miles down one of them! 

Two girlfriends popped in for coffee, the VERY first morning after I moved here. They have NO IDEA how much this meant to me. (Don't hate me for posting this pic, girls.)
My friendship base here is bountiful. I truly feel fortunate with coffee, happy hours, and walks through Nashville's gorgeous parks with precious pledge sisters, Vandy alums, and former co-workers.  

Lunch in Atlanta with the coolest couple ever,
former CBS11 producers Chris & Victoria Kennedy, now at CNN International 
I'm discovering new, cool haunts with new ones. I've even spent quality time with two girls from grade school!
5th grade girlfriend, Dawn Johnson on her drive through Nashville

My 6th & 7th grade former BFF, Linda Muilenburg Dussling

My husband golfs incessantly with former Vanderbilt teammates. He will be coaching high school basketball again next month. 

Teammates-turned-golf-buddies: Derrick Wilcox & Frank, enjoying Stump's cushioned stadium seats!

And this weekend I plan to attend a Vanderbilt science lecture and enjoy free concerts at the Nashville symphony. There is SO much going on in this fabulous town.

So why do I battle such melancholy, thinking about the friends I left behind in Texas? I think it means I finally opened my heart, let my guard down, and allowed myself to love and be loved by other people. 

My main man Jeff & the watchful, maternal Crystal of CBS11

And that is a GOOD thing, right?! I'm pretty sure that's the definition of true connection--a major part of the true meaning of life.

I'd have a goodbye party every night if these two could come!

Surely, you've been in this emotional place too. So you know that we must mourn the loss--which time will heal. And then we must stay out there and build new connections, while treasuring the tapestry of people who've added such texture to our spirits and color to our lives.

And these, too! Such wonderful human beings!

The biggest challenge for me is to stop comparing. As a girlfriend/mentor reminded me, it's flat out wrong. It's not a contest. There will be no winners.

So join me in embracing today. This beautiful day. And the gifts of life, health, and LOVE.

I'll see you on t.v. Tuesday at 5pm (CT), September 30th...streamed live on 

And I truly look forward to serving and opening my heart to the fabulous folks here in Nashville!


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