Monday, April 29, 2013

Last-Minute, Head-Turning, Life-Changing Miracle

Homecoming 2012-2013 with my youngest son, Luke
I've been in social media hiding for 3 weeks now, fearing my blabber-mouth tendencies would totally screw things up.

Can't share everything for another day or two, but I can share this:
A miraculous set of events has just occured in the life of my youngest son.

It was March 13th when I blogged about the ongoing arguments in the Kornet house as to whether a prestigious, name-brand university is worth the money, should Luke be accepted.

We believed we had found an ideal solution, thanks to some generous academic scholarships SMU awarded my future engineer. We were thrilled to know Luke would stay close to home in an esteemed, private institution with an excellent engineering school--and a Division One basketball program to boot. We were all at peace, believing this was a wonderful win-win.

And then everything changed.

We made a call to a dear friend and former coach, asking him if he knew someone at SMU we could talk to about Luke walking-on the basketball team. That friend talked to another friend...who asked Luke to come to practice with his AAU team, composed of top 17-year-old recruits ...which happened to be an amazing fit...which was playing in a series of upcoming tournaments, the first of which was 2 days later in which the team played so well, they made it to the championship game...which was attended by national basketball recruiters...who then alerted D-1 programs across the country to this 6'10" unsigned, 17-year-old senior named Luke Kornet who can shoot 3's, dunk, rebound, and has grown 6 inches since last summer. And he is still growing.
DFW Airport, back from Spring Break 2013

I am not exaggerating when I tell you, the phone has not stopped ringing ever since.

Luke played the following weekend in Minnesota, again with this exceptional AAU team, this time with dozens of D-1 coaches in attendance.

The phone has continued to ring; we have had head coaches visit our home and Luke's school; we have flown across the country to meet players, engineering professors--all to see where Luke might fit in best when he commits to play college basketball.

Yes, Luke *will* be playing college basketball.

It is a dream come true for this humble, hard-working, incredibly grateful son of mine. When an official decision is announced--I will excitedly blab it immediately.

And I hope you will help me cheer on Luke this fall!


  1. Tracy!!! That is so awesome. It's GREAT to hear a success story like yours. YAY for Luke!!

    1. thanks so much, Cynthia! Looks like I'll get to announce where on Wednesday! xo

    2. all I have to say is we are a 3 generation Vanderbilt family - our 2 daughters loved it as my father and I did - Kornets can have that generational bond as well - it is special

    3. wow! i'm so happy to hear that. coach said it's a lot of pressure for a son to play at the same school his dad played. but Luke has never questioned it. we are SO excited!!!

  2. My husband joined the faculty at lcs this year, and was a sponsor on the spring break trip. We are both Vandy grads- we are so thankful for the quality education we received ( and the beautiful campus is amazing too!) Go Commodores!

    1. I had no idea there were Vandy grads at LCS! I want to meet you. Luke LOVED that spring break mission trip--i'm assuming you meant the one to El Salvador? Hope to meet you SOON!

    2. Yes! Daniel is the new 6-12 choir director....and loved the trip to El Salvador! At my old school, I taught Whitney hand, Courtney Copeland, Lauren Lassiter before they came to lcs. Laura Montgomery :)

  3. tell Luke he is part of the Vanderbilt family, small but loyal, as you know - so pleased to have another Kornet

  4. Where did he end up going to?


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