Friday, August 23, 2013

Tracy & Tammy's 4 O'clock Folo

Tammy & I taping our vlog in the CBS11 lobby
What do you get when you put two chatty blondes together in front of an ipad and hit record?

As CBS11 traffic reporter Tammy Dombeck and I have proven, you get one hot mess of unscripted girl-talk.

The two of us truly enjoy working together and are similar what-you-see-on-tv-is-what-you-get-in- real-life kind of girls. So we started video blogging after our 4pm news hour on CBS11. The vlog is posted on our station website and mentioned a time or two during the newscast.

Much to our surprise, “Tracy & Tammy’s 4 O’Clock Follo” appears to be a hit!

The content is sparked by a few of the news stories that elicit the most comments & quips from our peanut gallery, a.k.a. our studio floor crew.  (One of these days, you WILL meet Johnny Prompter.) We plan to have guests have join us down the road in case one of us is on vacation or if the fabulous  @ThatSportsGirl, Gina Miller, is in the building. That sports anchor is a social media/blogging QUEEN.

But most days it’ll just be Tracy & Tammy, blah blah blah’ing about the stuff we women like to talk about.

Seriously, who can’t use a good laugh every day?

At the very least, you will laugh AT us.

We’re good with that.

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