Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Little Luke," My Seven-foot Son

School pictures have always cracked me up.
Especially my son Luke's.
And especially in middle school, when his picture was snapped right after P.E. class, his unkempt hair caked with sweat. 

In high school Luke refused to take senior pictures like the rest of the boys and girls, whose parents paid a fancy photographer to capture their kid in "candid photos," posing against brick walls and rusted out pick-up trucks.

In fact, all I have is the picture marked "PROOF" in his cap and gown.

My boy Luke as an official Vanderbilt Commodore
So when Luke texted us his most recent official photo, his first as a Vanderbilt Commodore basketball player, I was over the moon.

There stood my little boy, hair actually in place, stretched so tall, his head was cut off on my phone.

I absolutely ADORE this picture.

I love his sweet baby face looking all serious, perched atop his 6'11" frame.

I love that he's wearing the wrong number on his jersey, as it's the only uniform that fit him for the photo shoot. (He plans to wear #3 during these college years.)

I am absolutely thrilled, imagining the future this kid has ahead of him.

Oh, Luke. How I love you.

I hope you never change a thing.

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