Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Rest of the Story

Blabbermouth Tracy wanted to wait for her boy to break the news first. So pardon the delay of this follow-up to Monday's blog about my son's whirlwind college basketball recruiting experience.

Luke announced the big news last night: he committed to play basketball at Vanderbilt University!

It's an extraordinary choice for many, many reasons. Not only is Vandy an exceptional school academically and athletically (and in the SEC!), but it's one my family happens to know exceptionally well.

My husband Frank played at Vanderbilt from 1985-1989 on one of its most successful teams in the history of the school. His Milwaukee Bucks jersey hangs in the Vanderbilt Hall of Fame. And even I have a small basketball connection, dancing on the Vanderbilt Basketball Pom Pon squad from1986-1987.

We have attended many games through the years at Memorial Gym, and almost always stop in Nashville on our regular drives between Texas and the Kentucky Kornet relatives.

Vanderbilt was even one of the five schools to which Luke applied last fall. He liked it that much--the campus, the location, the athletics, and of course, its reputation to deliver one excellent education.

For all of these reasons, we are beyond thrilled Luke can call himself a Commodore now.
The Nashville paper just posted this article about Luke's commitment this morning.

So grateful for this dream come true.

Thank you for sharing our joy. Your wonderful words have warmed my heart.


  1. The Vanderbilt community is thrilled to welcome another Kornet to the family. Hope he has a wonderful experience there like our family members have and most of the students.

  2. I was a student about the same time as Frank and he always seemed like a first-class good guy. Thrilled that his son will also wear the black and gold.
    Carmel IN

    1. That's so neat, Anthony! He is a wonderful father and loves the game SO much. He gets all the credit for their basketball ability.

      And Charleston, we are all so excited to be back in the Vanderbilt fold!!!

  3. One of my most hilarious memories of Frank at Vandy was sitting in an Astronomy class with him & Barry Booker (can't recall who else) during his senior year. Frank was never a big talker in class (plus, it was tough to get a word in with Barry around) & he started talking about a letter he'd gotten from the Philadelphia 76ers addressed to "Frank Kornut." He said he was going to write them back "Dear Philadelphia 56ers..." I had never heard him make a joke previously & that deep voice of his & dry delivery made it even funnier for some reason. It was so hard not draw attention laughing so hard... I hope Luke makes as many terrific memories at Vandy as I'm sure all of us have there & I hope you all enjoy many more moments of Memorial Magic!


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