Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tales from the Kornet Kitchen

I'm sitting at my kitchen computer, while my youngest son types his graduation speech behind me.

In 48 hours Luke will finish high school; 30 hours after that, we will move him to college.

At that point all three of my kids will have officially launched, and I will be left to ponder the meaning of life without them part of my daily routine, my life focus, and my main motivation to work and breathe.

So I've tried to get a head start in the pondering department.

Yesterday I asked the question "What is the meaning of life?" on Facebook and Twitter, hoping to spark a future blog.

The responses have been beautiful, moving, stunning, and thought-provoking. I honestly don't know where to begin now, as I've been inspired to think more profoundly about life, motherhood, marriage, God--and where my impending stage of life fits in to all of it.

It's been a difficult year, adjusting to my kids growing up and out. But life must go on. And I must find a new purpose and place to pour out my heart and soul.

"Empty Nest" is such a lame, nerdy phrase, especially for something that feels so utterly monumental.

But rest assured, we sappy parents will fly again!

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