Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to Work & (Hopefully) Flu-free

Thursday afternoon my darling doctor Jenny shared the results of my flu test: "flaming positive" for Flu Strain B. I've never had an official case of the flu before, so I figured I'd be up and at 'em as soon as the Tamiflu kicked in.

Well, it is now Monday morning and I'm still fighting this ridiculous cough and lethargy.

What a butt-kicking this flu turned out to be!

I now have a much greater understanding of the stories we're reporting. How a delicate child or elderly person handles the violent fever and coughing fits that come with this illness, is beyond me.

I will assure you this: it pays to get your flu shot several times over. Not only is Tamiflu upwards of $100/prescription ($25 co-pay with good insurance), but the number of missed work days and possible ER visits could really set a family back financially.

I usually drag the whole family down from Argyle to get our annual immunizations here at the station. However, this year I happened to be on my annual birthday trip on flu shot day.

My sympathies to ALL of my fellow sickos!

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