Monday, November 9, 2015

Travel Binge

My precious Nicole
I was reading through scripts for Friday night's newscasts, when an epiphany started to wash over me. 

Weekend wine train plans with my Nashville girlfriend were unexpectedly cancelled, and I found myself free with no commitments. 

I jumped on and looked for frequent flier flights to California. 

My heart had been yearning to see my daughter. To check in on her new life in LA. To make sure she is as happy as she claims to be. 

There were seats available. I texted Nicole about the possibility. Since she can't travel with her team this year, I knew she'd be in town. 

"Sure, come on out," Nicole texted back.

Her follow-up texts were a great indication she is really just fine, mom.

"And can you bring a vacuum? I spilled makeup on my carpet." Followed by: "You're bringing a TV for my room. Right?"


I booked my ticket for 6am the next morning.

Late that night things got even more exciting. On my drive home after the late news, my oldest son John called. He sounded really bummed, looking forward to absolutely nothing that weekend in Little Rock. 

I asked if he'd like to join his sister and me in LA. 

After some cajoling and checking to see if I had enough miles for his flight too--and John deliberating if he dare do such a spontaneous, impractical thing--he said yes!

I booked his ticket. 
My boy & me

I have felt giddy ever since. 

I land in 4 hours. John will follow this afternoon. 

I have admittedly been on the move almost every weekend of late with college reunions, family visits, and birthday adventures.

Visiting pops & step-mom in Chicago with zany Uncle Ben & Sister Tiff
Best ever Vanderbilt Class of '90 Reunion!
My long-time, loyal, and fabulously tan KY friend, Cynthia

World's greatest high school hooligans, 2am at Waffle House

These trips have been a blast. 

Yes, Bon Jovi is this gray!

But nothing compares to the joy I am feeling right now, knowing I will share the weekend with two of my precious children. Knowing they will be reminded how they have each other, too. That they are part of a family who loves them. That they will never be alone in this sometimes lonely world.

Post-family nap on the beach, Santa Monica

Sure, my mom needs will be satiated. I will leave cashless and my credit card will get a major workout.  And my heart will be overflowing.

Thus it is, my latest epiphany: As I've gotten older, my motivations have evolved from climbing and achieving, especially during the work week, to living and loving once the weekend hits.

In fact, I'd better sign off now and seize the next three hours for a power nap, as I plan to make the most of this 36 hours with John and Nicole in sunny California.

Plus, I'll need the strength to haul this vacuum and TV through LAX.

Coast to coast, nothing beats a sunset

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