Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I Don't Want to be Alone on Thanksgiving

The Commodores are playing in the Championship game of the Maui Invitational, baby!

Even better? After seeing my son Luke on television last night, I heard from my very best childhood friend in the whole wide world.

It was 10:45pm her time. She was visiting her parents in Florida and sent me a short email saying hi.

I immediately called her back at her childhood home number--one of the few I can still remember!

I LOVE this woman.

Friends Forever, even if we only see each once per decade!
Stacie Beth lived right across the street from my Tampa home in Carrollwood Village.

My childhood home; Stacie lived right across the street
In the heart of summer, I would spend weeks at her house.

She always had chocolate in her pantry and perfectly organized, matching containers in her fridge. I wanted her dad to be my dad. The only photos of me in childhood dance recitals, came from him.

When he and her mom would go out to dinner, they would kiss me goodbye too.

She said when she turned on last night's game, she spotted Luke right away.

"He looks just like a Wing!"

"I am so happy for and proud of your kids, Tracy."

I feel the same way about hers. When I see pictures of Stacie's daughters today, I am taken right back to childhood. I instantly love them.

I feel this way about all of my friends' children.

Isn't this one of the blessings of age (and of Facebook)!

Who ever thought being alone this week, would bring such a Happy Thanksgiving.
Nashville Rescue Mission: What Thanksgiving's All About!

Post Script, Post-Thanksgiving:

If the following isn't proof that there IS light at the tunnel.
The sun will come up in the morning.
This too shall pass.

All is well with my soul!

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