Monday, February 2, 2015

"Live from Nashville, It's..."

When's the last time you printed actual photos that you can touch, feel, and retrieve in 10  years when you can't find a thing in your phone or on Facebook?

With only two short years left of college basketball memories, I realized I had better go old-school and get some pictures printed, enlarged, and framed before this precious phase is all over. 

I also decided to get off my derriere and save a few clips of my first day on-air here in Nashville.

Check out this warm welcome from my classy co-workers, whom I've grown quite fond of over these last four months, I might add:

You know what else is cool?  This beautiful blonde Jennifer, is also my neighbor! We literally moved next door to each other, unbeknownst to us both at the time.

I am still in transition, but I'm trying to count my blessings and focus on all of the *good* change can bring. Bought this for my cute cubicle, in fact. Hope it helps you focus, too.

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