Friday, February 28, 2014

Why I Love Women

I love women!

Just when I think I'm the only grown girl out there who still has tomboy tendencies, who still loves doing the splits, who's more than annoyed having to have nice nails (mine are the PITS)--
I meet a whole slew of other girls just like me!

Such was the case yesterday when I spoke at the Ladies High Tea at Liberty Christian High School in Argyle, Texas (although they all had fabulous nails...darnit).

With Judy Haire, Liberty Christian School Co-Founder (and future back-up singer)

There I was seated amongst hundreds of women, around our individually decorated tables ( mine Parisian-themed), and within minutes our common connection emerged.

It came in the form we women so readily embrace:


Happy tears. Joyful tears. Tears of empathy. Tears of understanding.

Dang, we women are so good at letting it flow. Especially when we're all together.

My tears began AS I was being introduced, when the eloquent emcee melted my heart by talking about my kids, whom she had known when they attended school there.

But what I loved just as much was how instantly comfortable it felt from the perch of that podium, looking out into a sea of smiling, female faces in their tortoise-rimmed glasses and highlighted hair.

Don't get me wrong, I love men. LOVE them. And I especially appreciate our male viewers at CBS11. (wink, wink)

But I hosted a morning magazine show for almost 7 years in Phoenix.

We became so connected with our female viewers, my co-host and I had the thrill of participating in "Sonoran Living Girlfriend Nights," for which our devoted viewers actually BOUGHT tickets, showed up at the station door, and poured into our studio to mingle with us and our Sonoran Living cast. (Shout out to some of them--our craft divas The MaryAngelos, beauty experts Michele Rene & Zethina, and especially to Lisa & Patty from "Girlfriends Unlimited" for executing those glorious evenings!)

My favorite part of those events was seeing, hugging, and listening to these ladies; hearing how the experiences we shared on-air, touched their hearts at home--and helped them feel not so alone.

It brought me to tears then...and it brings me to tears now.

Girlfriends & a good cry--two ingredients to a great life.


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