Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Orleans Nonsense

I just returned from a barely-24-hour-work trip to New Orleans.

Our actual location was about an hour north of the city, so we got to sample the cuisine of a couple of fabulous places off the beaten path. The food was so delicious, and so rich, I haven't been able to eat since!

But it did spur me on to exercise. Specifically, as soon as we wrapped shooting, I threw my workout clothes back on, scarfed down a couple of beignets with my photographer, then jogged through the French Quarter to burn some of it off before we caught our plane!

I tell Gina about here in our latest edition of The Real Botox Diaries--along with an unusual massage I wasn't expecting. Plus, Gina shares her tips for going barefaced.

By the way, if you're trying to plan your next vacation, I highly recommend New Orleans. Trust me, you WILL have stories to tell when you get back!

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