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Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Tracy Kornet, a news anchor/reporter at WSMV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee.You can watch me weekdays on Channel 4 News at 4, 5, 6:30 and 10pm. I'm also a wife and mother of three amazing kids who play/have played college basketball.

Luke, Nicole, & John

My youngest stands a little more than 7 feet tall. In fact, cheering him on is why we just moved to Nashville from Dallas in the fall of 2014.

My television news career began in Lexington, Kentucky. I later moved to Phoenix to launch and host my own talk show. We won dozens of Emmy awards, and I absolutely loved the creativity required and the connection formed with viewers and guests in that format. But on September 11, 2001, I was summoned to the news desk for breaking news and knew I could never leave it again.

Some of most meaningful television moments include three presidential visits to Nashville, and anchoring alongside CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and the legendary Bob Schieffer during our coverage of the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK in Dallas. I was also honored to conduct a 90-minute, standing-room-only Q&A with Schieffer called "An Evening with Bob Schieffer: Remembering JFK."

My favorite part of the job is field anchoring live events. I love giving viewers a front-row seat from anywhere the action is--especially if it's a major sports event. Two NCAA championship runs with the Kentucky Wildcats, World Series coverage of the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks, a Dallas Mavericks National Championship, and the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas are just a few of my favorite assignments.

The road to a championship! Covering the Dallas Mavericks in Miami
In the last few years I've amped up my public speaking and musical appearances, mainly at community events and women's groups.

Hearts for Homes, Denton, Texas
Introducing Reba at the Hearts of Hope luncheon

Forest Hills Baptist Church, Nashville

Eve of Janus, Country Music Hall of Fame

For several years I was the lead singer of our station rock band, playing gigs and festivals all around Dallas.

When it comes to free time, there is nothing I love more than cheering on my children.

Luke's Senior Night
Nicole's first game as a UCLA Bruin

This is how I often look during a close game.

I also confess to frequent high kicks. I can't help myself. I crave frequent travel. I've always had an adventuresome spirit. In fact, I left college my sophomore year to work as Cinderella at Tokyo Disneyland and tour with a Japanese pop star.

I was born in Chicago and grew up in Tampa. I graduated from the University of Kentucky, but will always consider myself a Vandy girl. I spent my first 3 years at Vanderbilt University in Nashville studying French & International Relations, pledging Tri-Delta, singing with "The Original Cast," and dancing with the Vandy Pom Squad. I met my husband there, and the two of us could not have been more elated when our son, Luke, chose to follow in his dad's footsteps and play basketball for the Vanderbilt Commodores.

I'm currently writing my first book and hope to never, ever stop learning.  

Courtesy: WSMV-TV, Brian Hallett

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