Friday, April 1, 2016

Top-Down Concert of One

What a day for a drive!

I may have stayed in a one-mile radius from my garage, but dang, did I make the most of it.

As I headed home to get ready for work, a man next to me at the light on West End looked over and asked, "Was that you singing back there? I thought you were yelling at me!"

Duh! My one-year free subscription to Sirius radio delivered Gloria Estefan followed by Sheena Easton. Of course that was me screaming back there! (Clearly, my voice has gone to pot 'cause it used to be called singing!)

I've been prepping for two talks/speeches I'm giving next week, which always seems to fire me up.

Nashville Area Panhellenic Alumni Association Luncheon
Richland Country Club
The responsibility to share a SOMEWHAT substantial message pushes me to read more, which ends up causing me to assess my life and, more often that not, make some changes. 

This time around, it's helped me realize I might be on the right track.

That's major for me. Those who know me well, know I've been rather contemplative these last two years--and not necessarily in a good way! 

So what's changed? I'm pretty sure that sinking my teeth (and free time) into community service--in addition to seeing my kids more regularly, now that we live closer to two of the three--has really lifted my spirits and provided much purpose and fulfillment.
Go Red for Women luncheon, Music City Center

Go Red for Women luncheon, Music City Center

Living one mile from work has helped life slow down a little, something for which I've been praying hard. Even the health stories I now produce twice a week, have fed my mind, body, and soul--knowing the information will actually help people and give some of them hope. 

And that may be what I cherished most about my top down, concert-of-one this morning:
I have my health. I can run and speak and hear and work without pain.
I can belt out Duran Duran and dance while driving down Woodmont Boulevard!

We just aired our first of several prime-time health specials, which I plan to conclude with this same simple phrase, not only because I believe it, but because it honors the life of my dearly departed mother:

We're not guaranteed tomorrow. So let's do all we can today to be Healthy for Life.

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