Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Non-Blog Blog

It is hard to blog when there are so many people we're obligated to protect.

I don't want to embarrass the kids or get them in trouble (any more than I already have).

I don't want to divulge any station secrets or affect my reputation as a news person.

Yet I want to be authentic, relatable. Right?

Isn't that what a blog should be?

I keep sitting down to type and end up erasing every thought...out of fear. It's no fun living this way.

So I've decided to type a few of the random thoughts and feelings I've had these last few weeks. And then I want to hear YOURS.  Deal?

Tracy's Random Thoughts

1. I feel gross. This winter has just about destroyed my energy, desire, and ability to stay active. I have spent entirely too many mornings curled up on the couch in my leopard PJ's, reading and watching "Love It or List It" before work. I finally got to the gym today, and I'm determined to get back to my old self and out in the sunshine (once it decides to visit Nashville).

Not a fan of dreary, cold days

2. My kids' happiness or lack thereof affects me so deeply, that I think something is wrong with me. I mean seriously...what's the deal...they are all doing well. But when they have any kind of struggle or emotional difficulty, I want to run and fix it. And this past year has brought difficulty I've/we've never encountered before. It sucks.
Good times cuddling on the last Kornet road trip

3. I am still having trouble feeling consistently happy. I'm on a stinkin' emotional rollercoaster most of the time. I still find myself missing the life I lead pre-move: the laughter, love, and the music. Yes, I now live in Music City, and I still miss the music.

4. I need some new nude heels for 2015. I'm excited to see what Antonio Melani or Gianni Bini has in store for us this year.

5. Joyce Meyer's "Confident Woman" and Angela Thomas' "Stronger" are awesome daily devotionals.
Great study. Thank you, Kimberly, for the suggestion!

6. I can't wait to read Amy Poehler's book, but I have yet to allow myself to splurge on it.

7. My eyesight is fading so quickly, I may have to upgrade from the 1.25 readers to the 1.50 soon. Don't be a  hater, folks. It's still a royal pain in the butt. And I now understand why my grade school friends' moms never spotted those nasty chin or upper lip hairs when they drove us in carpool. They couldn't see them.

8.  I love my little cubicle. Pictures of my friends and family make me very happy.

9. Water, coffee, and red wine are just about the only liquids I drink. Which means Crest White Strips have become a necessary chaser!

10. I'm extremely grateful for Dillard's. The Nashville store at Green Hills Mall sponsors my wardrobe. I have loved their clothing lines for years, and I'm honored to wear something shiny and new almost every single day. I don't want to ever take this luxury for granted.

I am even more grateful for that help when I don't feel fat!

Okay, folks. It's your turn!


  1. Hey Tracy! Well I'm not much of a blogger although I have thought about it a few times. I have to agree with you about the cold weather. It has taken all the let's get out and do something feeling totally away. But it seems like warmer weather is near. Blessings to you and your Family!

    1. Rudy, i hope you got outside today! I actually hit the trail and feel alive again. Thank you for the understanding. So great to know i'm not the only one. LOVE you for posting!

  2. I am glad you are here. I hope you can learn to love Nashville and Nashville learn to love you right back. Rootin' for you!!

    1. What a sweet thing to say! Thank you!!! I hope so, too. LOVE you for posting!

  3. - If the sun doesn't shine soon, I'm going to need medication.
    - The rain causes bad hair days and bad hair days depress me. So, to combat this, I'm going shopping for Yellow Box flip flops today regardless of the weather.
    - My oldest daughter is a freshman in college. She's taking a lit class called, Women Who Kill. This worries me.
    - My 15 year old daughter spends no less than 4 hours a day on her hair and makeup.
    - My 10 year old son is obsessed with Pokemon. He sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher when he talks to me about it...Wha, Wha, Wha. I have no idea what he's talking about and no desire to learn. However, I must be faking it well, because he wants to talk about it with me 24/7. One day, I'll miss this I'm sure.
    - I'll be 47 in 3 weeks. Thats only 3 years from 50.
    - 50 is the new 35, right?
    - I miss posting pictures of my cute kids on Facebook. They have demanded I allow them to pre-approve all picture posts. None have been approved in about 2 years. Sometimes, I post them anyway.
    - I'm going running today. Yep, any minute now, I'm going running. Just about ready to run....
    - My husband is still really hot.

    This was fun! Thanks!

    1. Now THIS is what I"m talking about! You crack me up!!!!
      Girl, you speak my language! THANK YOU for posting (and reading this blog!)

  4. Reposting Jennie Roth Dickens' comments here because i do NOT want them to disappear on FB. LOVE you, Jennie! (And a whole sleeve of cookies is the ONLY way I know how to eat them!)
    From Jennie:
    1. I think it's funny that the "related video" listed here on FB under your status update is a video of the Kornet-E long-range anti-tank missiles in Russia.
    2. I have no desire to go through the newborn thing again (I'm 47, after all), but what is it about holding a friend's newborn that brings those pangs?
    3. What in the world would make me think that eating a sleeve of Girl Scout thin mints would soothe my soul?
    4. You might "feel" fat, but you certainly don't look fat. But let me know if you want to go powerwalking when the sun appears again.
    5. Moving is hard.

  5. More good stuff from Facebook:
    Katie Hensle
    1. Your kids were literally a part of you....their pain is your pain. I often think how much I will longingly look back to these years where I can hug and kiss all the bad things away.

    2. If I can just get through tomorrow it will be spring break!

    3. I daily struggle with how to give all I have to my husband, kids, family and bball kids. I don't ever want to leave any of them hanging for a minute but boy I am tired.

    4. I feel guilty but all I want is 36 hours alone in a hotel room with a massage, wine, good food, comfy bed and movies.

    5. Most nights this (pic of Katie's sleeping little guy) can solve everything and give me enough to push through the next day!

  6. LOVE the depth of this post, know that.

    I'm game:
    I truly fear that if people got in my head, I would be institutionalized. Really. I wake up every morning optimistic, looking for answers only to be back at the same place every night: devastated.

    That's all.

    1. girl, you have no idea the fear every time I post these.
      but you are my hero.
      i love that you wake up optimistic! do you realize how HUGE that is? the devastated part, not so much.
      i just LOVE you.
      thank you for posting!

  7. this is my first time reading over here. I think you might like Five Minute Friday (the only time I really write). it is a 5 minute brain dump on the prompt of the week. or a 5 minute insightful piece on the word of the week. Or somewhere in between.

    I am still a little shocked at the final of last night's game (and a little hoarse. I still yell really loud at the TV. Because they could hear me. Maybe).

    I helped my 9 year old make cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow. By helped, I mean I put the pan in the oven and pulled it out, and I connected the icing piping bags so she could squeeze it out. Little sister washed the dishes and I just watched. This is both exciting (how much she is learning and growing independent) and SCARY (how will she be 10 next week?! It has gone too fast).

    Nice to see you over here. And for more on Five Minute Friday, visit Kate at:

    To read me: find me at

    and forever ANCHOR DOWN!

    1. i will be reading your blog! thank you for making me smile, Jen! xo


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