Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Please Don't Leave Me Alone

Saved by my daughter's college friends at the Big 12.

I'm just going to admit it: I am not good at being alone.

Basketball games are enveloping the Kornet clan this spring break. So I'm working odd hours and filling in for vacationing co-workers.

Without commotion and conversation in my life, I get into a funk...fast.

Today I brought my workout clothes to work, to "encourage myself" to stop at the gym on the way home.

Did I go? Heck to the no.

It was such a gorgeous day. So at least I did take the dog for a walk. And at least I changed into my fore-mentioned workout clothes before I did so.

But then I crashed.

I opened up all of the sliding glass doors on the back of the house, plopped on the couch, and crashed.

It was no later than 7pm.

Folks, that is not normal. Scratch that. As stressed and isolated as we Americans are becoming, perhaps it is becoming normal. But it's certainly not healthy. At least it's not healthy for me.

I eventually woke up, folded some laundry, and watched a little bit of that TLC show, The Little Couple." (The precious, personality-packed, pint-sized couple flew to India to pick up little Zoey, a two-year-old girl they adopted. I tell you, adoption is an absolute miracle!)

After wiping away a few tears, I knew I had to perk up. I jumped on the internet, caught up on my kids' tweets, and browsed through some of my old Twitter pictures. I found myself laughing out loud alone in my kitchen. Then I watched an old video blog with my former television colleague, Gina Miller, about "Fighting the Funk." I started to feel some energy return. Even some inspiration. Like I had just had an actual conversation with a girlfriend.

I immediately texted Gina to remind her of that conversation long ago. Then I grabbed this month's issue of Success magazine, headed to my garage Stairmaster, and did a full hour of cardio. It's now 11:39pm.

After my cardio boost, I saw that Gina responded to my text. Her message: "You must write and speak your way out of your funk, Tracy! You're too fab to funk!"

This blog is proof that's exactly what I did. And here's a picture of another step I took the next morning to keep the funk at bay.

The local library to the rescue yet again! Only this time I brought a girlfriend with me, who practically squealed in delight at the plethora of offerings there. (Seriously, have you used your local library recently?!) And that was after coffee and a hard-core workout at her house.

Exercise, girlfriend time, and intellectual stimulation?! Now that's the way to beat the blues.

So friends, if you too are fighting the funk, I hope you'll take Steve Harvey's advice from one of the Success articles I consumed during that sweaty 60 minutes in my cold garage: "U-turns are allowed. If you're heading down the wrong path, you can turn around." Or keep moving forward. Just don't give up.

Remember, you're too fab to funk.


  1. Love you Tracy!! This is great!! As Dory from Nemo said: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" It's close to 130 AM here in Tampa and I am doing paperwork for my company! When you own your own business you wear A LOT of hats!! The ebb and flow of life/work/kids etc etc is natural and we all need outlets! Exercise is GREAT!! You are an awesome MOM (most important),WIFE, reporter, singer, and friend!! :)

    1. Joe! You are the bomb! And I must add Dory's mantra to my life. Thank you for the reminder. I just love you!


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