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Recent Reads About My Basketball Kids:

From College Afterthought to NBA Prospect: The Stunning Rise of Luke Kornet

UCLA Women's Basketball: Spotlight Nicole Kornet

Buzzer Beater: Luke Kornet Took One Last Shot at Playing College Basketball and Scored Big at Vanderbilt

Slowly, Surely Lexington-born Kornet Became A Dandy for Vandy

Women's Basketball Adds Nicole Kornet

OU Women's Basketball Guard Nicole Kornet to Transfer

Singing with Emerald City band at Taste of the NFL, 2013

Stuff About My Little-Known Hobbies:

Luke Kornet's parents talk about his Triple Double & Development
Tracy Kornet Cheers on her Son Courtside
Mom Muse: Tracy Kornet
The Secret Lives of Anchors, Robert Philpot, Star-Telegram
Kornet Belts It Out at House of Blues
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Tracy Kornet, Fort Worth Magazine
Fav News Anchor, Jason Kindig
Meet Your New TXA Anchor, Tim Rogers, Frontburner, D Magazine
Tracy Kornet Leaving CBS11

My daughter Nicole Kornet, UCLA shooting guard

Fun Reads About the Family:

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  1. Tried reaching you through FB and email, don't know if you received either. But last evening (02-01-17) your comment after a report on rally/protest in Murrfreesboro seemed out of character for you, and also very much out of norm for Channel 4 news. I am a middle Tennessean who grew up watching Channel 4 as well as many people I know. Channel 4 is part of
    home for many, it is part of our life, we become rather attached to the reporters and anchors over the years. And welcomed you the same way into our homes and hearts. That's just the way middle Tennesseans are. So why get on the political left bandwagon that's going down the path of division in our great land? There is plenty of sources for that if anyone wants it, so it is not needed or wanted (I believe)on our friendly hometown much beloved Channel 4. By the way you are an excellent news anchor/reporter. So why not stick to what you do best?